About us

  Founded in 2008, Mentech Technology USA provides products and ODM, JDM, and EMS services with expertise in design and high-volume manufacture. We have combined high-performance and quality with competitive pricing to ship millions of Pluggable Optical Transceivers, Power Adapters & Chargers, and Magnetics deployed at Tier One OEMs in Consumer, Telecom/Datacom from CPE to Data Centers, Solar, and Automotive applications.  We are vertically integrated, with internal patents, design and manufacture of modules and systems, components, connectors, housing, and wiring.  Nearly 300 engineers enable innovative designs and customizations which have led to 20 inventions and 168 patents.  Our production facilities in China and Viet Nam comprise more than 650,000 square feet of manufacturing floor with state-of-the art automated equipment and processes and 3000 operators.

  Growth in our North American business led to the formation of North American operations under the name Mentech Technology USA Inc with offices in Silicon Valley and Austin, TX. 

 ✓    Our strict Quality processes ensure consistent compliance.

  ✓    Vertical integration empowers high-quality, low-cost, supply continuity

  ✓    In-house expertise enables innovative designs and customizations

  ✓   Automated production lines provide consistent quality, high-speed ramp, high-volume, and low-cost 

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