A Patent Filed Regarding Alarm Mechanism In Case of RX Signal Loss in Transceiver: Mentech

Aug 28 , 2020

Mentech has recently filed a patent with IP authority in PRC, which pertains to an alarm mechanism in case of RX signal loss in transceiver.

This patent details a method used when signal loss alarm is to be sent --- Instead of reporting signal loss depending on dB level of INTL pin, this method proposes that RX_LOS register should also be accessed and if it is in normal state, regardless of state of INTRPT-RX pin on transceiver chip, no alarm state should be the output oto INTL pin. In comparison with conventional method, this new method would help prevent spurious alarms when RX_LOS is not in alarm state. The patent also proposes a device that implements this method.

This patent is expected to improve Mentech’s competitiveness.

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