Mentech Launched 25G SFP28 LWDM, a Reliable LWDM Transceiver for 5G Front-haul

Jan 29 , 2021


As rollout of 5G networks accelerates globally, WDM (Wavelength-division multiplexing) technology-powered front-haul has gained ever more traction and became the de facto standard for 5G front-haul solution. In recent years, Mentech has continued to actively engaged with carriers in order to provide optical products that could help speed up the rollout. 25G SFP28 LWDM transpires as one of these efforts. Based on LWDM standard proposed by China Telecom, this product has been successfully developed and tested against carrier’s stringent requirements, securing early orders from China Telecom.

What is LWDM?

As a new development of DWDM technology, LWDM’s working wavelengths are located at intervals of 800GHz with near zero dispersion, bringing benefits such as better stability, transmission at speed up to 12*25Gb/s and realizing 5G stations that could be serviced by only one single fiber optic. In addition, Mentech’s LWDM solution makes use of DML+TEC as TX, which ensures that laser emitter works at its optimal working temperature to enhance reliability. In tests, it is revealed that our 25G SFP28 LWDM can achieve 3db of surplus signal strength at distance of up to 10KM and continue working at various temperatures.

  Test underway

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