Mentech will participate in the APEC 2023 Exhibition

Jan 11 , 2023

Come visit Mentech Technology in APEC booth #526

We will be showing:

· Inductors (Wire-wound chip, Molded chip, Multi-layer chip, Power bead, PFC, CMC, DMC, in traditional and Planar configurations)

· Transformers (SMT and thru-hole flyback, LAN, Chip LAN, RF, xDSL, traditional and Planar) --- including parts for Automotive applications including BMS, OBC and charging stacks

· Adapters, chargers and open-frame supplies

· Power stations

Frequently our large engineering team brings their expertise to customize designs --- give us your spec and we will propose a solution that our automated manufacturing processes can produce in high-volume with consistent high quality and competitive cost.  

Let’s meet up at the show!  To schedule a meeting please email us at       512-954-1804      

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