Optical Module/DeviceMagnetic ComponentConsumer Power Supply
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Picture Part No Package sizePackage typeInductancePower (Watts)Turns ratioApplication Type download
TTER09-0568S1 10*17.8*6.2SMT1.521:4Flyback Download
TTER09-0458S1 10*17.07*6.2SMT2521:1Flyback Download
TTER09-0457S1 10*12.07*6.0SMT2521:0.5Flyback Download
TOEP13-0155S1 13.5*15.5*12.7SMT7012.51:0.32:0.84POE Download
EP-524SG 13.3*10.0*9.5SMT31031:0.28:0.7POE Download
EP-558SG 17.75*14.2*12.7SMT9612.51:0.24:0.24:0.56POE Download
EP-476SG 17.75*14.2*12.7SMT127131:0.25:0.594POE Download
EP-547SG 17.75*14.2*12.7SMT32.4151:1.333:0.333POE Download
EP-612SG 17.75*14.2*12.7SMT155.5111:0.167:0.638POE Download
EP-569SG 15.24*12.5*11.45SMT1006.71:0.262:0.143:0.786POE Download
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